Rabu, 19 Oktober 2016

Kosi So Chukwu (as God Fashioned)

As the maker needs

*Failure* to be a venturing stone to a sweet flavorful triumph.

Not a prepared reason to be utilized when the maker solicits from our products of increase

*Delay*, as a medium of building persistence and trust in Him in spite of encompassing antagonism

Not an instrument to scrutinize His pertinence and showcase our inclination for compromising

*Talents and riches*, to extol His name by placing delight in the hearts of kindred manifestations

Not instruments to showcase singular significance and pride amidst wretched destitution

*Marriage*, as a joint front for both a couple to accomplish most extreme productivity in all fronts even with malice

Not a union of two self serving accomplices pulled in by sex and a licentious deception called love.

*Oxygen*, as a method for proceeded with love and satisfaction of His assigned reason

Not, an influence to take part in all quirks of joy looking for experiences until the last broadness

*Death*, as an entryway to everlasting happiness and delegated festivity for they who carried on with a reason driven life

Not a beyond any doubt compensate for the individuals who kicked the bucket, never tolerating the recovery bundle of Jesus.

Darling, Continually look for God's oath for in that life's motivation is found and underneath the cross will we discover our peace


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